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'Behind the seen'

Online exhibition - Enamel paintings on glass

Oct1st - Dec31 2015

By inviting us behind the seen, Meirav Sher wishes to lead us among the wavy folds of a transparent, beautifully colored world, full of movement, sometimes in turmoil and stormy, sometimes peacefully clear and meditative.  An open world, with no decisive determinations… And, therefore, he who wanders along the paths of this artistic Cosmos is given full freedom to perceive in it the artist's inner world or feel the echo of his own.  Not surprisingly, both are possible in front of the same painting, the same transparent forms, the same merging hues and hidden hallows…Her paintings are vibrant incentives that awaken in us the desire to imagine, to dream…  

Meirav Sher prepares her colors and the glass panes, on which she will work, with strict and experienced professional skills. Glass painting requires knowledge and experience, which she adapts to her special needs and furthermore develops towards new boundaries.


But into the act of painting, into the creative process itself - apart from the choice of  her tools and her colors - she brings no "working plan". She comes with no preliminary sketches or ready- made design. She stands in front of her virgin glass surface, free of any binding preconception… Then, a dialogue starts between her, the painting tools, the colors, the glass bedding… a dialogue during which she gives her artistic intuition the lead. In this give-and-take process, Meirav unfolds her inner self, her deepest sensitivity. On the glass basis, intricate flowing images come alive, intriguing dreamlike landscapes, creatures that are actors in dramas that arouse the imagination… Her painting materials, with their special properties, respond to her, even suggesting unexpected possibilities. And if these arouse in her a desired echo, they are adopted  into the final artwork…


From this kind of duet, this tango, during which a rich emotional world meets a unique painting material, are born Meirav's thrilling works.


David Ne'eman -an artist and curator 



For more works - Visit my Saatchi art profile 

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