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Zohar Medallions

Wall sculpture of original abstract kinetic glass painting. Hanging and extended from the wall with a designed brass fittings.
Any soft touch or light breeze adds a circular motion that will strengthens the floating sensation.

The pieces are carefully designed and easy to hang.

Exclusive glass art painting - original glass painting technique I have developed for the past decade. 

Technical information

Glass: width 6 mm / 0.23 inch  diameter : 40cm / 15.7 inch
Glass Color: extra clear 
Finish: edge polished round glass.

Fittings - 2 options come inside the package :1) leaning against the wall

2) extanded from the wall for a circular motion

size - 25cm /9.8 inch depth.

Height  - 60 cm / 23.6 inch

Versions of fittings colors 


special glass powder paints, kiln firing in high temperatures.
In-fusion - colors integrate with the glass and become highly durable. Incredible phenomenas occur during the process of firing: 
colors become deep and transform according light. The glass gets stronger and gains features within, that associate with water.
Any warm light pointed towards the glass will reveal mystical appearance of shade and shadows upon the wall. Glazes perform best on a bright wall

Every piece is a one of a kind, originals only.

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