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About the artist


Meirav Sher - Glass Paintings


B.F.A -Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, year 2004. 

M.A - art therapy.

Meirav Sher - Israeli artist dedicating herself for the research and development of a unique -- technique. Featured by Saatchi art website "Artist of the day" and other collections, Meirav's work is recognized globally by art lovers.


Meirav is also collaborating with interior designers, architects and major art consulting firms around the globe, on various commissions.  Her works are located in High-end hotels and resorts world-wide.


About Glass painting

Glass painting is an old and secret art medium. It refers to several techniques that the artist performs with the colors on the glass and fires it in a special kiln afterwards. In this procedure the colors become an integral part of the glass and becoming highly durable; Preparing the colors involves a set of actions in order to transform them from powder to liquid. 


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