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Nautilus collection

'Nautilus collection' is privileged to be the first collection launched and presented with the new tailor made 'arms of brass'. Inspired by nature, Nautilus shells represent themes I have been dealing with quite a while - An uninterrupted movement that capturers a progressive time and tells a story about evolution, guiding help and the notion that in the end this journey is nothing but perfect.

Tehcincal information:

Each piece was made on a 6 mm, extra clear, polished edges glass. Painted with ceramic powder paints and fired in a Kiln. Large scale pieces go through temperation procedure.


Costume-made brass hardware. The upper part is lining against the wall whereas the lower part is laying on the hardware and slightly distended from the wall (4 cm). The painting is back-painted and the whiteness off the wall is a crucial participant in order to enhance the floating sensation and glaze phenomenon   


Experience in shipping throughout the world led me to an optimum method, using wooden crates and high standard shocking absorbers materials. Also, all shipping are door-to-door by DHL.

For inquiries about pricing and availability, please mail to:

Diameter - 60 cm/23.6"

Diameter - 80 cm/31.5"

Diameter - 100 cm/39.4"

More artworks are often added or being sold. For more information you can follow me on Instagram  -   #meirav_sher                     or mail to :

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